Fran├žois von Barkle is a caucasian man, with a beard and a moustache, wearing glasses and a distinctive hipster hat. He enjoys smoking his pipe and talking about his animal studies

Doctor Fran├žois von Barkle

Overheard Conversations ┬╗ Doctor Fran├žois von Barkle

Upon graduation from ├ëcole Idiotecha with a doctorate in animal studies, Doctor Fran├žois von Barkle observed animals around the world in their own habitat. Then, after many years, von Barkle successfully translated animal communication into English and has disseminated his work in short funny stories collected in “Overheard Conversations” a social satire webcomic.

All observations were taken in the field, often at great risk and hardship by von Barkle, to bring authentic and true messages from animals around the world, extending Dr Dolittle’s studies published in 1967 and 1998.

In recent years von Barkle has been the target of unfounded accusations from naturalists and academics who consider his scientific work fraudulent, dismissing it as a bad joke written with dark and twisted humor.

Von Barkle’s Interviews

National Geographic
A National Geographic reporter is threatened by Dr. Fran├žois von Barkle after defining his scientific work as a absurd humor joke.
World Vegan Congress
Is this a Vegan Joke? Dr. von Barkle mistakenly confesses at the Vegan World Congress that he loves chicken tacos.

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