Doctor François von Barkle has observed animals around the world in their own habitat. After many years, von Barkle successfully translated animal communication into English and has disseminated his work in many, well… at least one scientific journal since most of it was mistakenly labeled “funny comics” or even worse a “social satire webcomic“. Doctor von Barkle commented: “Yes, I guess my studies do resemble some sort of a satirical webcomic about society, relationships and human nature, but judge for yourselves in my case studies below.”

A lovely sea bass, victim of her own naivety, falls in unrequited love
Never flirt with someone who doesn’t blink.
An optimistic rhino has managed to break free from the fateful clutches of poaching
Learning to live with less usually sucks.
A clever rabbit seems to have found the key to achieving "peace and prosperity" in the world
Rabbit philosophy has always interested me