Fran├žois von Barkle, a doctor of animal studies, of caucasian origin, stands smoking a pipe and talks about his scientific studies based on Dr. Dolittle's research.
Overheard conversations is a social satire webcomic site
Overheard Conversations is a social satire webcomic site

written by Fran├žois von Barkle

Social Satire Webcomics

Doctor Fran├žois von Barkle has observed animals from all over the world in their own habitat. Having the gift of understanding animals – just like Doctor Dolittle – he has translated the overheard conversations into English. Real and universal stories that astonish by fortuitous coincidence with the dramas of human nature.

Overheard Conversations collects real animal stories with human problems in a social satire webcomic.

An exquisite combination of irony, sarcasm and witty dark humor about society, relationships and human nature.

An employee is discriminated against in the workplace for having a “squirrelly” personality.
Polar Bears
Three polar bears are forced by climate change to migrate to New York in search of better opportunities.
A mutt dog tells his friend how his happiness is being affected by marital problems caused by his toxic wife.
Two hungry bears underestimate the danger posed by the folly and vices of human nature.
A son discovers that he was adopted, thus generating the outbreak of a crisis in a family of rats.
A clever rabbit seems to have found the key to achieving “peace and prosperity” in the world.