Unrequited Love

Naivety Satire Webcomic

A cognitive bias is a psychological effect where our way of interpreting information is affected to a point where it does not correspond to reality.

Doctor von Barkle explains: “Naive Realism is a cognitive bias in which falsehood, double meanings or prejudices go unnoticed”. And he adds with a chuckle: “animals as well as humans can be victims of this bias” – He laughs as he recalls a hilarious story that happened in the fish pond of a Chinese food restaurant.

This satire webcomic captures the hilarious story of a lovely sea bass who, being a victim of her own naivety, falls in unrequited love.

If you like the unrequited love humor or you find the naivety funny, you might love this webcomic.

Overheard Conversations collects real animal stories with human problems in a social satire webcomic.

In the fish tank of a Chinese food restaurant, a sea bass is very flattered because someone has called her pretty
A naive sea bass thinks someone has flirted with her because she has been told "tasty"
A sea bass tries to dissuade her friend, who is convinced that a diner in the restaurant is flirting with her
A lovely sea bass is a victim of her own naivety, and falls in unrequited love

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