The Philosophy of Love

Philosophy Satire Webcomic

“Imagine all the people sharing all the world” dreams John Lennon to the rhythm of the piano in his famous “Imagine”.

Love has been the most ambitious ideal ever proposed by human beings and from ethics, religion, philosophy and science efforts have not stopped to unravel its secret.

Between sweetness and laughter the Doctor von Barkle remembers and tells us a funny comic story about an optimistic deer.

This satire webcomic captures the hilarious anecdote of a deer convinced of being able to achieve a truce with hunters, based on the philosophy of love.

If you like philosophical humor or die laughing with the ironic humor you might love this webcomic.

Overheard Conversations collects real animal stories with human problems in a social satire webcomic.

An idealistic deer wants to make a truce with hunters
Two deer resist the idea of establishing a truce with hunters
Optimistic deer idealizes mutually beneficial relationship with hunters
Deer refuses to change old strategy of running to escape hunters
Deer refuses to change old stop-and-run strategy to escape hunters
The philosophy of love fails

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