Look on the Bright Side

Poaching Satire Webcomic

Rhino horns are attributed with healing and aphrodisiac properties, which make them coveted objects. For poachers rhinos represent big business, and their ambition has brought the species to the brink of extinction.

Faced with such an apocalyptic panorama it is almost impossible to grin and bear or to look on the bright side (if there is one), but as the famed scientist Albert Einstein wrote: “crisis brings progress”.

François von Barkle brings us the story of a bold rhino who saw in the crisis an opportunity to reinvent himself and thereby change the fate of his species.

This satire captures the story of an optimistic rhino who has managed to free himself from the fateful clutches of poaching.

if you laugh with dark humor about poaching you might love this webcomic.

Overheard Conversations collects real animal stories with human problems in a social satire webcomic.

A rhino is shocked to see an poaching survivor elephant
A rhino explains to his friend that he has cut off one of his own horns to avoid poachers
A rhino is terrified because his friend has cut off one of his horns
A rhino is shocked to see an poaching survivor elephant
A lively rhino greets his friend the poaching survivor elephant
A poaching survivor elephant has hearing problems

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