The failure of Philosophical Idealism

Philosophy Satire webcomic

“Peace and prosperity” have been pursued by all areas of knowledge. Philosophy has written extensively on the subject, and science urgently needs to find a route to what remains an unrealistic utopia.

“We have tried everything and the solution was always in the hands of an ingenious rabbit” said François von Barkle smiling to himself.

From one of his overheard conversations Dr. von Barkle brings us this funny comic story with twisted ending.

A philosophy satire webcomic in which a rabbit seems to have figured it out the key to achieve “peace and prosperity”.

If you like philosophical humor you may love this webcomic.

Overheard Conversations collects real animal stories with human problems in a social satire webcomic.

Two friends meet in the park. One of them has the key to live in peace and prosperity
Two friends talk on a park bench. One of them is about to reveal the secret to change the world
An idealist is captured by a predator just as he was about to reveal the secret that would change the world.
The capture of his friend has left him stunned

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