Case Studies

Humor, sarcasm and irony in a satire webcomic about society, relationships and human nature.

My translations in the field revealed the complex humor, relationships and society of animals. My science editor would also add satire webcomic about society, sarcasm and irony but mostly because those are keywords to get him published. But since I live for truth and science, we will not use those words.”

A son discovers that he was adopted, thus generating the outbreak of a crisis in a family of rats
An experiment in parenting and love, so to speak
A deer has convinced himself that he can achieve a truce with the hunters, based on the philosophy of love
Deer enjoy philosophy. And giving people Lyme disease
A wildebeest discovers how the political orientation of different animal species affects their lives.
Life and Death Politics on the Serengeti.
A clever rabbit seems to have found the key to achieving "peace and prosperity" in the world
Rabbit philosophy has always interested me
A bold leader of a group of earthworms is concerned about recent nematode deaths. The group's scientist explains the reason behind the deaths
All you need is teamwork and unity. And worms.
An employee is discriminated against in the workplace for having a "squirrelly" personality
Silly satire? No, a daily struggle for squirrels