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Satirical Webcomics about Society

Enjoy our entire collection of Satirical Webcomics about Society. An exquisite combination of irony, sarcasm and witty dark humor about individuals, relationships and human nature.

Overheard Conversations collects real animal stories with human problems in a funny comic strips.

François von Barkle is the real-life Doctor Dolittle. Graduated from École Idiotecha with a doctorate in animal studies, he has dedicated his life to recounting overheard conversations on his countless travels, to bring authentic and true messages from animals around the world. Stories that have been immortalized in these satirical comic strips.

A wildebeest discovers how the political orientation of different animal species affects their lives.
A mutt dog tells his friend how his happiness is being affected by marital problems caused by his toxic wife.
An employee is discriminated against in the workplace for having a “squirrelly” personality.
A clever rabbit seems to have found the key to achieving “peace and prosperity” in the world.
A son discovers that he was adopted, thus generating the outbreak of a crisis in a family of rats.
Funny adventure of a group of earthworms, who, through teamwork, discover that unity is strength.