Unity is Strength

Teamwork Satire Comic

The life of an earthworm is not as simple as it seems. Every day they are at risk of dying from ultraviolet radiation because of their fair skinned. To keep themselves safe, they shelter in the shadows at low temperatures.

François von Barkle brings us a funny story in which a group of peculiar earthworms, led by a reckless leader, try to defy nature. With teamwork and the support of science, they devise a plan to come out of the shadows and move in the sun.

This satire webcomic captures the funny adventure of a group of earthworms, who, through teamwork, discover that unity is strength.

If you like teamwork humor with a moral about unity is strength, you might love this webcomic.

Overheard Conversations collects real animal stories with human problems in a social satire webcomic.

A bold leader of a group of earthworms is concerned about recent nematode deaths. The group's scientist explains the reason behind the deaths
A group of earthworms think of a strategy to avoid dying in the hot sun
The leader of a group of earthworms questions the ideas proposed by the group members
A leader is not satisfied with the ideas proposed by the members of the group he leads
A group of earthworms discover through teamwork that unity is strength

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