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Overheard Conversations has prepared a good dose of humor to make you laugh as we delve into the comic side of relationships. These comics capture the awkward moments, cringe-worthy misunderstandings, romantic disasters and unrequited love. From clumsy attempts at flirting to disastrous dates that seem straight out of a romantic comedy.

Overheard Conversations is a humor, sarcasm and irony about society, relationships and human nature captured in a social satire webcomic.

A Hint | Extra Fabulous

Emergency phrase (break the glass): ‘thanks, but no thanks’. Extra Fabulous Comics by Zach.

Someone sincerely confesses his love to the person he is interested in, creating a very awkward situation.

Bot + Bot = <3 | CommitStrip

Online dating tip: Don’t even trust your own profile! CommitStrip recounting funny anecdotes of life as a coder.

Two friends talk about online dating. One of them shows his advanced method to avoid being tricked by bots and fake profiles.

Unrequited Love | Overheard Conversations

A fool bass in love. “Unrequited Love” is an episode of the satirical webcomic Overheard Conversations.

Flirting | Randowis

Seduction game tip: just act natural. Randowis: comics, animations, and videos made by Rando.

First Love | Randowis

Warning: “Loving can hurt. Proceed with caution”. Randowis by Rando.

Funny comic by Randowis. A man opens up and declares his love to the woman he has always been in love with. She rejects him with evident disdain, stating that she already has a partner.

Dinner for two | War and Peas

In love, be careful not to confuse a seashell with a precious pearl. War and Peas is the webcomic duo Elizabeth Pich & Jonathan Kunz.

Funny comic by War and Peas. A man seduced by a mermaid at sea, is swindled and devoured at a dinner party by two mermaid friends.

Hey Baby | War and Peas

The love cab is occupied. War and Peas by Elizabeth Pich & Jonathan Kunz.

Funny comic by War and Peas. A little bee flirts with a beautiful flower. Suddenly, a noticeably annoyed butterfly emerges from inside the flower. The little bee leaves with a broken heart because the flower already has a lover.

Romantic Evening | War and Peas

Halloween at christmas? freaky as hell. War and Peas by Elizabeth Pich & Jonathan Kunz.

A Chemical Reaction | SBMC

Romance is stronger than reason. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (SMBC) is a webcomic by Zach Weinersmith.

Funny comic by SBMC. Skeptical, a woman is convinced that love is only a chemical reaction; her lover, despite knowing this, takes the risk of giving her a heart-shaped box filled with chocolates inside.

Shit to me | Jim Benton

Different people, different tastes. Jim Benton Author & Artis.

Funny comic by Jim Benton. A fly delivers an envelope to a woman; inside is a letter in which he declares his love for her in a peculiar way: "you are shit to me".

Don’t be sad | Bonus Context

There are plenty of fish in the sea. Bonus Context create comics, usually about animals that talk. Or things that talk. Sometimes both at the same time.

Satire webcomic by Bonus Context. After a failed love affair, a fish is comforted by his mother, who encourages him by reminding him that there are many fish in the sea -while they converse in a fishbowl-

Resurrection | Ryan mason

Everyone loves dogs. Ryan Mason random comics.

Funny comic by Ryan Mason. A woman has suffered the loss of her dog and her husband, who are watching her from heaven. An angel appears to the widow and gives her the opportunity to resurrect her loved just by pronouncing his name. The woman pronounces the dog's name.

The Magic | Ryan mason

Love is magic. Ryan Mason random comics.

Funny comic by Ryan Mason. On a date, a magician invites a special place: "where the magic happens" -the prop room-

Love hurts | Buni Comic

Cupid is a rascal. Buni Comic by Ryan Pagelow.

Funny comic by Buni. A male rabbit falls in love with a female rabbit while walking down the street. Enchanted by her beauty, he dares to approach her, only to bitterly discover that she was on her way to meet her boyfriend.

The foundation of love is ignorance | Wumo

At the end of the day, we all fart. Wumo by Danish writer/artist duo Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler.

Funny comic by Wumo. Enthralled by her beauty, a man assumes the celestial realm of a woman's thoughts, unaware that she contemplates a remedy for her rectal eczema.

Nervous? | Wumo

Anxiety, official sponsor of the first dates. Wumo by Wulff & Morgenthaler.

Funny comic by Wumo. On the first date, a man fails miserably at the art of hiding his nerves and appearing natural.

Cat Mom | Wumo

God! poor cats! Wumo by Wulff & Morgenthaler.

Funny comic by Wumo. In a bar, a frantic woman scares off any advances, because she resents the presumption of her single status just because she's wearing a "Cat Mom" sweater.

Cupid | WebDonuts

Cupid knows the game. WebDonuts by Mike Gruhn.

Funny comic by WebDonuts. Andy asks Cupid for the love of a woman. Cupid regrets not being able to help Andy, he warns him that what he is asking for is out of his hands, as he considers that what Andy needs is money.

The Circle of Love | C-Section

The Human mating cycle. C-Section Comics publishes comic strips, cartoons and caricatures about practically any topic you could think of.

Funny comic by C-Section. Circle of love: fat singles on the couch take on fitness habits, become attractive singles and find a partner to share indulgent eating habits with, to eventually go back to being fat people sitting on the couch.

Call me Sometime | Channelate

Fools have their own plans. Channelate by Ryan Hudson.

Funny comic by Channelate. A man goes on a date with a woman, and when the evening ends, he unexpectedly bids her farewell with a simple "goodbye" instead of the anticipated kiss. Realizing his error, he quickly returns to rectify the situation and inform her that she had been using the wrong name for him throughout the entire night.

Surprise | Dmitri Piankov

A romance with ups and downs. Dmitri Piankov draw funny comics.

Dark humor comic by Dmitri Piankov. On a first date, a gentleman suggests blindfolding the lady to surprise her with something extraordinary. He leads her to a romantic terrace atop a building, surrounded by the twinkling stars and in a plot twist, he suddenly hurls her off the terrace.
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