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The man who talks to animals

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Have you ever wished you could talk to animals? Doctor François von Barkle is the man who can talk to animals, he is the real life Doctor Dolittle.

The knowledge that humanity has acquired about many of the species of animals that inhabit the earth is extensive. Today it is known that female whales have friends who are able to track each other in the vast ocean; that deer have special ways of communication.

Doctor von Barkle sits on a bench in the park, talking to the animals that frequent the lake

A Gift reserved for Exceptional Humans

Much is known about animals but talking to them has been a gift reserved for exceptional humans such as Tarzan, Ace Ventura and Dr Dolittle. In recent years, the impact of Dr. François von Barkle’s scientific work has surprised the entire scientific community, some in favor, others against, but never indifferent.

Dr von Barkle has dedicated his life to observing animals in their own habitat. Between risks and difficulties von Barkle managed to translate animal communication into English and has disseminated his work in short and funny stories collected in “Overheard Conversations“, a social satire webcomic.

Dr. von Barkle on an elephant strolling at sunset around the lake

Many memories have been etched forever in von Barkle’s memory, such as the beauty of llamas conversing at dawn, or the innocence and wonder of two penguins choosing a name for their son.

Due to the complexity of his occupation it has been very difficult for him to have a long term relationship with any lady, although he does not deny the possibility of marriage, on the contrary, he wishes to start a family and have many children. Dr. von Barkle hopes that one of his children will inherit his gift of talking to animals.

Dr. François von Barkle claims to be the only man alive who possesses the ability to converse with animals. All his scientific work is based on the studies of Dr. Dolittle (1967 and 1998), for whom he has great admiration.

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